Tuesday, December 11, 2012

X Pro Chrome

Hey lovelies,

I thought I would do a wee review of the lomography X Pro Chrome film!
Of all the different films I have used over the last year, this was definitely the one I was most excited about, and it didn't disappoint!

Film Type: lomography X Pro Chrome 35mm
iso: 100
Camera used: Pentax M E Super
Colours: Rich, dense, high saturation, high contrast
Detail: I was initially concerned that because of the high colour saturation I would lose important detail in my shots, but I found that that wasn't the case and my photos have retained their detail, yay!
Awesome for: Shots where colour is the main feature, minimalist shots, action, landscape, fun shots... pretty much everything!
Not as awesome for: The only (very minor) issue I have with this film is that it's not ideal for portraits as skin colour (or blonde hair) tends to be tinted very yellow or orange, but that is very dependent on the lighting- and I suppose your skin colour!

I would be super interested to know how this film would go with double exposures or whether it would just be chaos! I would also love to know your experience with this film :)


  1. I haven't really tried this film since I love more muted colors but I think I should give it a go with my diana mini one day :)

    1. You totally should, it's actually so fun! :)